I am 22 years old…and loved “Shrek the Musical”

Fact: I saw “Shrek the Musical” last night Confession: I absolutely loved it!

I need to defend my childish theatre experience before anyone else makes fun of me (ahem Jenna Cerruti).

The 2 hour 40 minute production was surprisingly hilarious. Although I am anything but a musical theatre buff, I think I have figured out what made “Shrek the Musical” enjoyable for this twenty-something couple…

It does what most children’s movies/theater productions attempt to do, it captured the attention of both adults and children.

Having seen some of bad children’s movies and productions (thanks little sis), “Shrek the Musical” was made for both children and adults with it’s entertaining music, colorful sets, and humorous lines.

courtesy of Oregon Live

I appreciated the nuanced theater references (Lion King, Les Miserables, Wicked) that were showered through-out the musical. The “adult” jokes, which were lost to little ears, had me roaring with laughter.

Standouts include the sassy Donkey, played by the energetic André Jordan and the funny, little guy Lord Farquaad, played by Merritt David Janes. Janes played the implecibly short Lord Farquaad by acting on his knees the entire musical, talk about commitment! The two characters completely stole the show for me.


The ensemble, although young and inexperienced, was superbly cast. The fairytale characters were memorable and hilarious during their scenes. The interrogation of Gingy, taken straight from the movie, was a standout scene for me.

Favorite numbers include “Welcome to Duloc,” “Morning Person,” and “Freak Flag”

Yes I am 22 years old. And yes, I loved “Shrek the Musical.” No big deal right?


2 thoughts on “I am 22 years old…and loved “Shrek the Musical”

  1. Haha, how dare you link to my unattended blog! But actually, after reading this, I kinda want to go? I’m also diggin’ this bold think you got going on here.

  2. As professional musical theater performer, reading this post was really informative. From what I gather in your writing, it sounds like your not much of a theater goer (or at least a musical goer). It’s great to hear that you found something in the theatrical realm that serves your sensibilities. Reading your analysis of why you enjoyed it so much, and your various take-aways inspires me as a performer. I’m glad you had a positive experience in the theater and hope you keep coming back for more!

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