My University of Portland internship

My second of my two summer internships is at the one and only University of Portland. I have moved from the rooms of Franz Hall all the way to the glorious and elusive Waldschmidt Hall. I am interning in the Office of Marketing & Communication under the guidance of John Furey, the Director of Media Relations. 

As the Media Relations Assistant, I am in charge of writing various press releases and feature articles that all revolve around the University of Portland. I absolutely love my internship!

Working at UP and being a student at UP are drastically different and I am one of a lucky few who is able to see both sides. As a student I never took into account all the work that goes behind the scenes of the university. There is someone who writes the press releases and feature stories for the website; there is someone who writes the copy for the official brochures. And now that person is me! 

Through my internship, John has taught me how to simplify my writing style, which is the key to writing the perfect press release and feature article. I know so much more about the university with my four months in the Marketing & Communication Department than I did with four years as a student.

Being the Media Relations Assistant, I have been able to interview a variety of different people at the university to tell their story or share their event. I love coming into my internship (every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) to get my new assignments for the day. I love being able to write about anything and everything UP.

Some of my favorite stories include: Nicaragua Plunge, PACE ProgramBuilding Girls Summer Camp, Lynn Toth feature, and Jared Bassett feature.


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