“Iranian Thanksgiving”

If there is one thing I know as an Iranian-American, I know that Iranians LOVE to eat.

Iran trip 2006

I grew up eating Iranian food. From shami to “Iranian salad” to kebabs & saffron rice, Iranian food is an ever-present food genre on the Ghorbani-Elizeh menu. My dad keeps his secret spices tucked away above the fridge away from prying hands. Many of his spices are hand-picked,  packaged by my grandmother Mamani in Iran. Although I never realized it growing up, cooking Iranian food allowed for my dad to share just a little of his culture with us.

Yesterday my parents had some of us over for an “Iranian Thanksgiving.” My dad cooked all of his favorite dishes, each of them accompanied by a story or an anecdote. It was the first time Steven and Kian’s girlfriend Brittney had ever had Iranian food and they were definitely in for a treat!

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Here’s an easy recipe to my favorite Iranian side dish. As children, we always called it “Iranian salad.”

Zalad Sheraze

"Iranian Salad" or Zalad Sheraze

1/2 cucumber – diced

1 tomato – diced

1/4 onion – diced

4 tbsp of fresh lemon juice

2 tbsp of olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste

Mix and serve chilled

Ta-Da! Welcome to the world of delicious and fresh Iranian food! 


One thought on ““Iranian Thanksgiving”

  1. oh, yum! my husband’s family always prepares delicious food for us – every day is like thanksgiving. just the sight of that tadig makes me hungry! 🙂

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