My Supporting Cast: Friends

To understand my ever-so-changing life, you need to meet my supporting cast. These are the people who have changed my life/are around me constantly/will be mentioned in this blog all the time.

Sorry for the long post, tons of people to squish in!

Meet & Greet: My friends


 Steven – We met a couple years ago and have been dating for over a year now. He is truly a wonderful guy and always knows how to make me laugh. Steven is a technical support guy for Apple computers. 


Jamie – My best friend and ultimate confidant. She is basically a member of my family now. I can’t even begin to describe how many adventures we have had (or how long it took me to decide on a photo for us). 


Katie – Roommates sophomore year at UP, Katie has always been one of my closest friends. Now that she’s a Nurse (!!!) she will forever be taking care of me. 

The Cottage

Cottage (my college house for 2 years) – Jamie, Danielle, Hillary


Karen – Best friends since high school, we lived in the dorms together our freshman year. She left me (sob) to go to Chicago for acting school. She’s going to make it big, I just know it.

'The Linn girls'

‘The Linn girls’ (high school best friends) – Elyse, Karen, Lissa. 


Eric – He is my best guy friend that basically got me through every heartbreak and teenage breakdown in HS. We have gone to countless concerts together and have so many ‘friendship’ songs that I don’t even remember them all. He is now off in Switzerland to study…something in the medical field.

(I’m sorry! I promise posts won’t be this long!)


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