My Supporting Cast: Family

To understand my ever-so-changing life, you need to meet my supporting cast. These are the people who have changed my life/are around me constantly/will be mentioned in this blog all the time.

Meet & Greet: Ghorbani-Elizeh family 

The Ghorbani-Elizeh family

Tammy (mom) – She’s basically my best friend. We talk almost everyday about anything and everything. Mom is an avid reader and a book collector of sorts. Take note, she gives the best advice.

Kara (little sister) – She is 16 going on 25. Kara loves to shop and gives hilarious one-liners. She is a total teenage and has tons of friends in high school. She’s the walking definition of a social life. 

Kian (little brother) – We currently live together in SW in our cute little apartment. He is basically a walking NBA announcer who knows anything and everything about basketball. He goes to PSU and is studying psychology. 

Eddie (dad) – He is always active and is one of the hardest working people I know. It’s literally impossible to get him to sit down and relax. He tells hilarious “jokes,” which always involve his mistakes with the English language.

And who could forget our demonic, but adorable dog Rusty….

Rusty Ray Ghorbani-Elizeh

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